General Information About The Stem Cell Facelift

General Information About The Stem Cell Facelift

The stem cell facelift also referred to as Vampire facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that is non-surgical. The procedure is mainly done to restore the shape of the face while giving it a youthful appearance. The procedure involves using injections to improve the skin quality, color pigmentation and tightness thereby countering the aging process and the skin’s exposure to the harsh environmental conditions. The stem cell facelift procedure functions by rejuvenating the adult stem cells capacity as they have the ability to replace worn out and damaged cells. These cells are located in the fat tissue or the adipose hence during the procedure; they are transplanted to other parts of the face or body assisting in the formation of new tissue.

Regeneration of stem cell


The effectiveness of the stem cell facelift, therefore, relies on the regeneration of stem cell within the transplanted fat tissue to the new site on the face which ensures the survival of the cells giving the face a youthful contour. The stem cell facelifts are unique since the fat tissue mostly collected from abdominal fat, and the stem cells within it are mixed with growth factors. As a result, these growth factors allow the stem cells in the transplanted part to grow and allow the skin’s adipose tissue to be restored which enhances the volume of the skin and improves the quality and texture of the skin making it tighter.


The procedure is undertaken under oral sedation and local anesthesia just like in the dental process. After which, a syringe is used to suction from the abdominal area subcutaneous fat through a small needle puncture. The parts where the suction takes place are identified to have high concentrations of stem cell content. Then the subcutaneous fat is cleaned using a special blotting approach that removes blood and oil products while protecting the stem cells from damage. Then, the growth factors made of hyaluronic acid beads are introduced. Next, the transplanting of the stem cells and the fat is done following a multi-planer technique which involves transplanting the mixture to the bone level for the first layer, then the second layer into the muscle layer and the third layer on the skin’s surface. The last superficial layer is mixed with a different growth factor that stimulates varying dermal effects to counter the aging in the skin.

Even distribution of stem cells


The Injection procedure achieves an even distribution of the stem cells which generates in-depth rapid growth of blood vessels. This gives the skin an even contour completely achieving complete facial rejuvenation. It avoids lumpy irregularities that are common with other skin grafting techniques. Finally, the last stem of the stem cell facelift involves using chemical resurfacing to achieve the removal of the damaged skin and fine lines occurring on the face while at the same time stimulating the underlying stem cells. After which the procedure is complete, and the individual enjoys a tight youthful skin.…

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