Ways Of Detoxifying Your Body By Using Home Remedies

Detoxification is necessary to help the body get rid of toxins for it to function properly. There are ways of detox which involve the use of harsh chemicals which are harmful to one’s body. However, there are other several ways of detoxifying your body by using home remedies as discussed in this article.

Use of green smoothiesfdftgr

This is among the common natural ways of detox. This method not only gets rid of toxins but also helps in the provision of necessary vitamins and minerals to one’s body. Green smoothies must have various vegetables having plenty of chlorophyll. It is this chlorophyll that helps in detoxification which gets rid of heavy metals which are found in pesticides used on the food plants we eat. One should take a cup of this smoothie in the morning, and they can increase the amount as they progress.

Using raw juices

Raw juices from fruits and vegetables are essential for nourishing our bodies and also detoxification. These juices also contain chlorophyll which helps in getting rid of free radicals in the body. These juices also assist in boosting one’s immunity. One can take these juices after every meal, or they can consider replacing one of the main meals for raw fruit juices. One can blend several different fruits according to their preference. One should be careful to take the juice slowly to ensure better absorption of the nutrients.

Using lemons

Lemons are an alkalizer to the body. Besides that, they also stimulate the production of bile and boost in the absorption of minerals. Being high in vitamin C, they also help in boosting the immune system. Lemons have d-limonene which is responsible for activating the liver in getting rid of toxic compounds from the body. One can make lemon juice by squeezing some lemons and mixing it with honey and warm water. It can be taken early in the morning before taking any meals until one experiences a change in their health.tfetwfr

Taking green tea

Green tea also champions in eradicating free radicals from the body. It has epigallocatechin-3-gallate which helps in maintaining good health of the liver. It also protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Other great benefits of green tea include weight loss and increased metabolism.

Bath salts

Epsom bath salt is the best salt for detoxification. It works by increasing the level of magnesium in the body necessary for cells detoxification. It also helps in relieving body aches. One can soak themselves in an Epsom salt bathtub for at least fifteen minutes and up to thrice a week.

When using the raw juices and smoothies, one should ensure that they use only organic fruits and vegetables.…

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